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Tops & Shorts

The MPSM Club uniform consists of a white top with Club logo. The white top can be either a Singlet or Sun Smart T-Shirt style. Refer pictures below. Athletes can wear plain black shorts, bike shorts or bloomers/sports briefs. Note, the shorts must be a minimum of 100mm / 10cm above the knee and cannot have any type of logo or colour stripes on them.


Chest Patches

Chest Patches provided to Athletes at time of Registration must be worn on the Club Top for all events each week of Interclub competition. Failure to wear the Chest Patch may result in your child being sent back from their first event. Replacement Chest Patches cost $5 each with all proceeds going to the Royal Children's Hospital Good Friday Appeal.


Athletes in Age Groups from U/12 to U/16 may wear spikes. Spikes must be as per Victorian Little Athletics Association rules. Maximum length is 6mm and the Spike Type/Style can be either Conical or Pyramid (Christmas Tree). Needle spikes are NOT permitted. More information in the handbook.


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